Lauren Tivey is the author of The Breakdown Atlas & Other Poems, released by Big Table Publishing in 2011. The collection chronicles the numerous “breakdowns” one can encounter in life, from failed romantic relationships, to physical deterioration, death and loss, mental crises, and more, and addresses the epiphanies, rebirths, and paradigm shifts which so often accompany these tough life circumstances. Ordering information is included below.

Two chapbooks, Dance of the Fire Horse (1993), and Her Blood Runs Through Me (1996) were previously published by Howlin’ Wolf Press, but are currently out of print. If interested in either title, please inquire via email, as there are a few author-held copies available.

Individual poems and essays published on the Web can be found via links on this site under the “Writing” section.

pizap.com14628808211891Purchase The Breakdown Atlas & Other Poems:
$12.00, plus $2.00 shipping

Praise for The Breakdown Atlas:

“Lauren Tivey’s poems about relationships are stunning, enticing, and brutally honest…I absolutely loved this book!” ~ Maureen Sherbondy, Weary Blues and Scar Girl


“These poems will drink you under the table. You may stagger home, but they’re always ready for last call.” ~ Sascha Feinstein, Misterioso and Black Pearls


“Lauren Tivey’s poems left me breathless, with a desire to live through her wild ride again and again. She writes in one poem that ‘the kettle screeched holy hell’, and so does her poetry!” ~ Norma Ketzis Bernstock, Don’t Write a Poem for Me After I’m Dead


Reviews & Interviews:

The sun is a fast, fat mandala: Lauren Tivey’s Breakdown Atlas, by Zack Kopp. Denver Books Examiner. August, 2011.

Interview with Poet Lauren Tivey – The Breakdown Atlas. Forbidden America, Blogtalk Radio. July, 2011.






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