Poems – Online:

Arriving Tangier – Third Wednesday 
Plum Rain – Forage Poetry
Outsiders – The Coachella Review
Monkeys of Emei Shan – Lowestoft Chronicle
Bigfoot on Main Street – Drunk Monkeys
Leaving Nanjing – The Camel Saloon
Du Fu’s Cottage – The Camel Saloon
Flying Eaves – The Blue Hour
House of Light – The Blue Hour
The Breakdown Atlas – Split Lip Magazine
Magnolias – The Camel Saloon
Frog Song – The Blue Hour
Destination Unknown – The Camel Saloon
Hitching Post of the Sun – Boston Literary Magazine
Final Fight – Red Fez
What the Water Gave Him – Deep Underground Poetry
3 Poems – Yellow Mama
Library – Deep Underground Poetry
2 Poems – The Montucky Review
3 Poems – Vintage Poetry
The Cottage – Snakeskin
2 Poems – The Montucky Review
Trawlers – Deep Underground Poetry
Afterglow – Deep Underground Poetry
Meadows in Vermont – Blue Lake Review
Passing through Galveston – Deuce Coupe
Poetry – Snakeskin
Route 10 – Gutter Eloquence
Chinese Prosperity – Gutter Eloquence
Homework – Deep Underground Poetry
Elegy for Japan – Poemhunter
Lovemaking at 45 – SPARK
Phoebes – Deep Underground Poetry
Crossing – Deep Underground Poetry
My Daughter at Seventeen – Snakeskin
The Scent – Red River Review
3 Poems – The Legendary
Red Lanterns – Snakeskin
The Marmosets – Deep Underground Poetry
2 Poems – Message in a Bottle
Cannabis Psalm – Snakeskin


Poems – Print:

In the Hills, and The Final Storm: Third Wednesday, Vol. XI, No. 3.
Memorial, Arriving Tangier, You Would Have Cared, Call to Prayer,
Circus, The Other Woman, Haircut, Beautiful Beasts, The Fisherman’s
Cat, and Mirage: Featured Poetry in Third Wednesday, Vol. X, No. 3.
The Marmosets: Words of Wisdom, Vol. 25, No. 2.
Zamboni: Words of Wisdom, Vol. 25, No. 3.
The Death Chef: Timber Creek Review, Vol. 12, No. 3.
Iguana Love: Medicinal Purposes, Vol. 1, No. XI.
The Broken Glass: The Candlelight Poetry Journal, Vol. 3, No. 3.
Library: The Candlelight Poetry Journal, Vol. 3, No. 1.

Under Lauren O’Connor:
Crossing: The Sierra Nevada College Review, Vol. 17.
Nor’easter: Sahara, Vol. 7.
Tomato Life: Medicinal Purposes, Vol. II, No. X.
Man on Fire, Mr. Black Boots, and Hawk: Red Owl, Vol. XXII.

Literary Essays – Online:

Landscape of Death: The Last Poems of Miklós Radnóti

Travel Essays – PDF:

Sandalwood Mountain Temple
The Strays of Dingbo
Poverty is a Bag with a Hole at the Bottom


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